Like Father Like Son

like father like son


The story of the gospel is the greatest story ever told. It is so beautiful and majestic that it borders on fairy tale.  The question we need to ask ourselves is, what version of the story are we telling?

For some the gospel is presented as a way to receive God’s blessing, full vats and better jobs and new cars.  For others the gospel is presented as a way to be forgiven of your sins and receive eternal life.  The problem with both of these views is that they don’t lead to transformation and that is the very reason Jesus came. To make us new.

Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created man in his image, so we must start by asking what God’s image is.  According to the Apostle John, God is love. So what does love look like?  Adam and Eve were in the garden. They were image bearers of God.  So Adam was never once exasperated by Eve because love is patient.  Adam never raised his voice to Eve because love is kind, Adam never had to decide to forgive Eve because love keeps no record of wrong.  Adam never struggled to love Eve because love is who he was.  It was his identity.

When the fall of man happened, Adam and Eve lost their created identity and went from being love to needing love, which is where selfishness came from.  Everyone born from that point on has been trying to find value, meaning and purpose at the expense of others. Trying to get back to their created value which is love. Jesus died on the cross not because we are sinners, but to restore us back to our original image.


His death on the cross proves our value, purpose and destiny.  The word “saved” in the Greek is Sozo, which means to be healed, delivered and restored.  So the Gospel is physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Being delivered from wrong perspectives like: we are destined to live captive to sin and its harmful effects on our lives when Jesus made it clear we are free from sin.  Or living with selfish motives that hinder our prayer life when according to the gospel the old man died and has no rights but to love others first.

The truth of the gospel is we are made new, just as if we have never sinned, highly valued and favored by God, entrusted with the great mission of bearing his great name and image.  Given everything we need to accomplish this important mission.  We have been given all of the power, authority and dominion that Jesus has because he lives inside of us.  We were created as sons of an amazing father who loves us so much he made us in his very image. What an amazing story!

Dependent on Him,

Jim Nave


Pastor Jim Nave has been on staff at Fiddletown Community Church since 2014.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies.  Jim and his wife, Teresa currently reside in Plymouth.  They have been married for over 30+years and have 5 children and 6 grandchildren.

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