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Have you ever heard of Caleb? He’s was kind of like an Israeli William Wallace from Braveheart, except he doesn’t die in the end scene. He just keeps on being unstoppable and winning battles – even as a senior citizen! Let me put it this way, it wouldn’t surprise me if Chuck Norris has the ribbon in his Bible placed at Caleb’s story.

Men today need to read up on Caleb. We need to see a different kind of hero than we typically find in sports magazines or movie characters. So many heroes for men today are egomaniacs. Others are wealth obsessed. I mean how many celebrity scandals of rape, spousal abuse, or brawling have we heard of just this year? A LOT!  

Do you know what happens when you fill your mind with visions of men as being egomaniacs, wealth-obsessed and violent? Answer: We become more and more of all those destructive things. The solution is to purposefully seek out heroes who did life right in the eyes of God, heroes like Caleb. 
The secret to Caleb’s heroic life is found in the small details the Bible records about him, we’ll refer to them as Caleb Characteristics. As you mull over these characteristics, prayerfully consider if they are things you’re being intentional about maintaining in your own life.

Five Caleb Characteristics:

#1 – Leadership among family (see Numbers 13:2)

#2 – Grit amidst adversity (see Numbers 13:28-31 and Joshua 14:6-9)

#3 – Outlook of faith (see Numbers 13:30)

#4 – Integrity in lifestyle (see Joshua 14:8)

#5 – Hope for the future (see Joshua 14:12)

What are your personal strengths and weaknesses from the list? What might it take to strengthen some of your weaker areas over the next few weeks? I’d like to encourage you to make a character strengthening plan which focuses on no more than two areas at a time. Then begin the plan ASAP. I’ll help you get started … First, pray for God’s help in developing that characteristic every morning before you leave the house. Second, mention your plan to a friend who will encourage you along the way.

Leadership, grit, outlook, integrity, and hope – that’s a recipe to a heroic life! It worked for Caleb and with God’s help it’ll work for you too. So go for it!

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